How does it work

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Once you register as a Tutor on LearnTeachWorld, creating and delivering classes is easy. This is how you can create and deliver classes in step by step manner:

  1. Start by creating a course. In order to do that select the country, curriculum, grades applicable and Subject within that grade. For example, I am creating a Math course for grade 10th for CBSE curriculum for India.

  2. You can make the course private or public. If you want to bring in your own students for this online course and not invite other students you can set the course private and enter the emails of students you want to invite to take this class. Private classes will be displayed to only the students who have entered the email for. And only those students can enrol.On the other hand your public classes will be displayed to all students in LearnTeachWorld and anyone can enrol in your public class.

  3. Enter the number of classes that you will be delivering in that course. For example, for Math course grade 10th, I plan to deliver 25 individual classes.

  4. Enter the fees that you want to charge per student for the course

  5. Select the Start Date, Frequency (weekly once, weekly twice, daily on weekdays, daily on weekdays and weekends) and time. Submit this information.

  6. This will automatically create all the individual classes for you with the right dates and times in future and with right fees divided between all the classes.

  7. Edit information on individual classes and set the title for each class based on the lesson that you want to deliver for that class. You can also edit the date, time, fees for a specific class. You can also add a class or remove a class from the list. For example, For the first 3 classes I am going to charge each student 0 INR or make them free so that students can try some of my classes. These changes will reflect at the course level.

  8. Once you are satisfied with all class descriptions and date/times you can submit.

  9. You can change the class information anytime in future . You may need to reschedule some classes due to circumstances. If students have signed up for those classes, they will be informed when those changes are made.

  10. You are now set with your course/classes. We will market these courses on your behalf if they are public.

Delivering classes that you have created is matter of few clicks

  1. Login to you LearnTeachWorld tutor account. Under “My classes” you will find the list of classes created by you.

  2. 5 minutes before the start time of the class, the Start button for your class will be enabled.

  3. Click on the start button of the class that has to be conducted, it will take you to the zoom environment. You will be asked to install the application,skip it if you already have it installed.

  4. Please note that by default the recording of the class is enabled right from start. That means the audio, video and screen share will be recorded.

  5. Enter the class by clicking ok , and you are all set to deliver the class.You may see that some students already joined the class, some others may join anytime during the class. Start delivering the class on time.

  6. You can have a public or private chat with the students during the class if needed.

  7. You can share your computer screen with the students using screen share button to deliver the class.

  8. You can make use of the white board feature provided by LearnTeachWorld. Go back to the learnteachworld tab on the browser and click on white board while sharing your screen.

  9. Make use of white board to draw figures, enter text and explain the concepts to students.

  10. After you have finished delivering the class, you can close the zoom application.

  11. The recording of the class is automatically sent to all students who had Enroll into the class. A copy of recording is sent to you as well for further reference.

Create tests for students to gauge their performance in a particular subject or a topic and help them to crack their exams.Here is how you can do it.

  1. Login to you LearnTeachWorld tutor account. Under “My Test” click on “Create New Test”.

  2. On click on “Create New Test” you will be directed to a form.You can make the test private or public.

  3. Add the test title, subject, sub topic, grade, duration and number of questions. You can also add the date you want the test to be published.

  4. If you check on “Notify me when someone takes the test” you will be notified if any student attends the test.You can also choose the date to unpublish the test.Click on “Submit”.

  5. Now, choose the type of question you want to add. It can be text or objective. Add the number of points/Marks for that question.

  6. Add the question in the in the first box.You can add images, links or video in the section. Providing answer is completely optional. On click of “Next” you be asked to add the next question.

  7. For objective type question, add the question in the first box and provide four options. You can also provide the answer. You can also go back and edit the previous question.

  8. You can also delete the question using “Delete question” button.

  9. On click of “Submit” the test will be published.

  10. You can delete the test using the delete button.

Create various study groups for students to join and discuss topic related queries and also share study material with them.

  1. Login to you LearnTeachWorld tutor account. Under “My Groups” click on “Create New Group”.

  2. You can keep the group private or public.If you want to bring in your own students for this group discussion and not invite other students you can set the course private and enter the emails of students you want to invite to be a part of this discussion group. Private groups will be displayed to only the students who have entered the email for.

  3. Add the title, topic, grade and description. Click on “Submit” the group will be created.

  4. You can see the number of participants and also edit the group and/or delete it once the discussion is over.

  5. You can add images, documents, videos during the discussion as reference study material for the students.

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